FDA-Bridging The GAP

Because of the humanitarian need in the communities we serve,  FDA-Bridging-the-GAP was started in January 2000 a non-profit 501C3.   We partnered with Angel Food Ministries and serve as a distribution center providing monthly food distribution to senior citizens and others.  We also provide advocacy services for seniors and others when requested.  We adopted Branon Towers Senior Highrise in Atlanta and provided FREE Tax preparation for those and other seniors throughout metro Atlanta.  This is our way of giving back to the communities in which we are located.  Our non-profit is funded by our offices. 

In December 2003 we passed out fruit baskets, in 2004 we hosted a “Senior Gala” for 100 + Senior Citizens in Branon Towers Senior High-rise, and in  2005 and 2006 we gave each senior a card and a gift.  In 2007 we hosted another "Senior Gala."   In addition since 2004 we have prepared taxes for Seniors 65 and above for Free and for Seniors 62 and above 50% off.  We continue to provide advocacy services.

We jokingly say that we did not wait for our ship (Lottery money) to come in, but that we give from the abundance of our paddle boat.